Healthy Mocktails

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The mocktail has been a mainstay at summer parties, weddings, and graduations for the last few years. The mocktail is non-alcoholic, and in place of alcohol, it has fruit juice, soda, or sparkling water. There are plenty of cocktail recipes you can make using fruit juice, and this works well as a non-alcoholic option. But a mocktail doesn’t have just to be fruit juice: you can also blend up frozen fruit or blend up vegetable juice. You can make your own syrup, or you can simply buy premade syrups, like the sugar-free syrups from Splenda.

Orange mocktail

It’s getting hot out there, and the last thing you need is a drink that will burn your insides and leave you dehydrated to boot. What you need is a refreshing mocktail that’s healthy, refreshing, and light. And that’s exactly what the Orange Mocktail is. It’s perfect for hot summer days when you need something light and sweet but light enough that you won’t feel like you’re drinking all day long.

Cucumber mocktail 

Summer is in full swing, and if you’re new to the mocktail scene, cucumbers can be a great way to take cool drinks to the next level. They’re healthy, low in calories, and high in vitamins and antioxidants.  Cucumbers are known as nutritious, low-calorie vegetables that are good for the skin. Cucumbers also have cooling properties that can help relieve summer heat. These properties make cucumber mocktails a healthier alternative to alcohol.

Lemon mocktail 

Many mocktail recipes are sweet, but mocktails can be surprisingly healthy. Healthy mocktails are important because they allow you to drink your alcohol without chugging down a full drink. Drinking alcohol might make you feel good, but it can quickly turn into a bad habit. When you add mixers or fruit juices, it can help temper the alcohol content and allow you to enjoy a cocktail or mocktail without having to feel the effects of alcohol after just one glass.

Kiwi strawberry mocktail 

This summer’s berries are at their peak, which means it’s time to get on board with all things berry—without sacrificing your healthy habits. Mocktails—drinks made with non-alcoholic mixers—are a great option because you learn to enjoy the taste of alcohol without drinking it. And as an added benefit, mocktails contain less alcohol, making them healthier options for drinking. Kiwi strawberry mocktails are delicious, refreshing, and contain plenty of vitamins and nutrients.

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