Are 4×4 Wheels Expensive in Australia?

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A good set of road wheels is necessary for any grand machine – it ensures peace of mind when you hit the road. But when it comes to pricing, things can get a little bit complicated depending on the sizing and quality of the wheels. Are 4×4 wheels expensive in Australia? That depends. There’s no “one size fits all” 4×4 wheel, so it makes sense that there be no “one size fits all” price. Let’s look at some of the features that can drastically drive up the price of a 4×4 wheel.


What Makes a 4×4 Wheel Expensive in Australia


  • Material: is it alloy or steel. From a visual perspective, the alloy has more appeal than steel, but whether you buy either depends on where you’ll be cruising your 4*4. Alloy is a lighter material, but it’s stronger and conducts heat better – which is great for tricky terrains. They’re the most more expensive. Steel, however, is cheaper but heavier and easier to fix when it gets damaged. Steel is almost more ideal for those in rural areas. If your 4*4 wheels are more expensive than you think they should be, they could be alloy wheels.


  • Size: to summarize, bigger is more expensive. No two ways about it.


  • Distance: Aussies are used to being on the extreme part of the earth, and for decades this affected the prices of all our imports – because shipping is a nightmare. Even with improved technology and transportation, shipping still sucks, and its suckiness usually translates into higher prices in Australia.


Fortunately, things aren’t as bad as before. More and more 4×4 wheel distributors, like Ozzytyres, operate nationwide. Because these distributors get their 4×4 wheels directly from the manufacturers/licensed distributors, they’re sold at wholesale prices. This means the retail price you find on an Australian distributor is roughly the same as what retailers in other countries sell at. Best of all, warranties. Thank you globalization.

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