Best places to visit in Brisbane

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Brisbane, Australia, is a charming and developed city. And despite being a little far from the coast, it presents a series of attractions. Among them, in addition to gastronomy, culture, and ballads, There is also an artificial beach that even has waves. Below are the best places to visit in Brisbane.

1. The Park-lands.

Much more than a very pleasant artificial beach, this region in South Banks is a true cultural center of Brisbane with beaches, museums, nightlife and parks very good for picnics. A tip is to go up on the ferries wheel and have a panoramic view of the city or visit the museums and art galleries.

2. Brisbane City Botanical Garden.

In this gigantic area of ​​the Botanical Garden, of more than half a million square meters, you will find exotic plants, a variety of flora and attractions such as the Japanese Garden, the lagoon and the bamboo grove.

3. Queensland Museum.

With exhibits and attractions that tell all of Australia’s history, the Queensland Museum is guaranteed fun for the whole family! Dinosaurs, aquariums showing the “Great Barrier Reef” an interactive installation that educates and entertains children.

4. QAGOMA Museums.

This acronym means Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art, both beautiful museums in the city that has more than 15,000 canvases, sculptures, and other artistic objects, both from native traditions and modern art. It also has a children’s art center.

5. River Life Adventure Center.

Various sports activities, such as kayaking can be practiced along the river. Even climbing is available, but if you prefer, you can just bike or roller skate along the banks of this river that crosses the city of Brisbane in Australia.

6. Lone Pine Koala Ecological Sanctuary.

Visiting Australia, without seeing a koala, is not a complete experience! Enjoy your trip to Brisbane and meet these very different animals during your walk-in Lone Pine.

7. Brisbane River Cruise.

If you prefer a quieter and less radical walk on the Brisbane River, it is worthwhile to sail along with this striking point of the city on one of the many available tours and observe all the beauty of the city from a different angle.

In conclusion,

Brisbane is one of the cities worth visiting. It offers many spectacular places worth visiting and offers long term stays Brisbane and beautiful hotels such as Capri by Fraser that are well equipped. The people in this city are friendly and welcoming.

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