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For Designers

We’re seeking a designer to build and improve the following:
-Interfaces in both the user and admin side of our application
-Design of our minimal website.
-Concepting and mockups for clients, new customers and products

You will get experience different aspects of our business from sales to development to recruitment. You can also measure the impact of your work on changes user behaviour through split testing and other analytics.

We understand the importance of design, and look forward to improving the look and user experience of what we make and sell.

Ideal candidates have:

  • Understanding of design principles with particular focus on the web
  • Understanding of user experience and content layout
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Experience coding is desirable.
  • Passion for learning and always improving yourself and the team around you
  • Proficiency with the Adobe Design Suite and/or similar (We like trying new software!)


To apply please send a witty note to or apply with Linkedin

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