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Social testimonials

Testimonials collected by Feedback Loop are published on your website with verified social information such as job titles, locations and photos. Social testimonials are more credible, relevant and persuasive which leads to more trust and sales.

Story Control

Testimonials can be delayed, commented on and changes can be recommended. This helps you ensure the best testimonials are published, and avoid customers complaining on channels that you cannot monitor or control.

Social Sharing

Feedback Loop makes it easy to share the testimonials written about your business on your customer’s social networks. This sharing can be automated and controlled to help endorsements of your business reach more future customers.

Motivated Customers

Feedback Loop makes it easy to optimise the timing, targeting, and incentives that motivate customers to write outstanding testimonials. These testimonials increase retention and word of mouth referrals as your brand is reinforced in your customers’ minds.

Customer Intelligence

Sophisticated analytics help you learn more about your best customers and get more of them. We will help you identify patterns, connections and target future customers. You can see what testimonials are the most helpful, and measure how Feedback Loop is increasing sales and contacts on your website.

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