Trending Streetwear In Australia

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Season after season renown brands and designers fight to dominate, the streetwear niche. Streetwear has penetrated every stratum of society. Keep in mind that, the clothes we wear tell the world who we are, so dress to impress. Are you ready to rock the streets? Gear up with these trending streetwear in Australia.



Supreme is the real definition of streetwear. This NYC brand keeps it real to its name- being supreme over every other brand. Supreme has worked with some of the best designers and in various ways, it is the force that continues to grace the streetwear world. Supreme is well known for its boxed logo.


The Milkmaid style (both tops and dresses) – This style is consistently creeping into the street. Adding an old school taste on your summer outfit looks superb. This streetwear outfit is versatile- dresses can either be paired with heels or with rubber-soled shoes for an outstanding casual outfit. On the other hand, tops can be paired with nearly anything.



Nike is associated with the rise of sneaker culture. It has shaped the worlds’ sports and culture. Evolving from its workout outfit, Nike is now a renown streetwear brand in Australia.


Slip skirts

If you love slip dresses, definitely this streetwear will be your trend. This style is a little less tight compared to the tight midi skirts that have been trending the previous years. It reveals just enough, by skimming your figure with style. Pair it with a T-shirt to spice it up, and rock the streets.



This Kanye Wests’ brand is rocking the streets. Out of his love for music and fashion, he came up with his own streetwear brand. This artistic line comes with lots of designer pieces. Whether we love it or not, Ye is unstoppable and is is one of the best style styles rocking the streets right now.

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