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Feedback Loop helps businesses get verified testimonials and more customers.

How it works:

  1. We help you easily send personal emails to your customers asking them to score your business
  2. If they give a high score, we’ll ask and (remind them) to write a testimonial. If they give a low score, we’ll reveal how you can improve.
  3. We make it easy for your client to write a brilliant testimonial about you that is optionally linked to their Facebook or Linkedin profile
  4. The testimonials are published on your website and can be curated by you. We provided badges and seals so that your prospects trust your testimonials. Feedback Loop testimonials increased sales for our clients by over 150% in multiple case studies.
  5. The testimonials can be shared on social media by you or your customers, we help you measure the clicks and sales that you get from these shares.
  6. We work closely with clients like you to ensure that they realise the full power of testimonials throughout their Feedback Loop.

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