What exactly is a white card in Australia?

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The term white card is really popular in the construction industry in Australia. It is actually an obligatory requirement for those seeking employment as construction workers. Even if you are going to work in Australia for a really short period, it is still mandatory that you get such a card. So, what is a white card in Australia?

A brief overview

As mentioned above, holding a white card is obligatory in Australia. It actually means that you have completed an official construction training program in a certified organization in the country. The program covers some basic safety requirements that workers in the construction industry should be aware of to avoid any accidents. The card should be obtained by the following categories of workers: construction workers, supervisors, tradespeople, surveyors, as well as everyone who has access to a construction zone.  Multi Skills provide white card services in victoria for anyone looking for their qualification.

What does the program include?

Attending and finishing the special training program mentioned above means that workers are able to understand a variety of issues concerning personal protection, safe practices in the workplace, necessary equipment to prevent accidents, knowledge of safety signs, as well as the compensation system in case of an accident. During the program, workers will be able to recognize any construction hazards, identify the safety requirements in the country and understand the different official procedures associated with safety in the workplace.

From July 2019, those wishing to obtain the white card online should be eligible to attend an online course. Alternatively, the most popular option is to enroll in a classroom training program. The white card will help you find job opportunities in Australia and it is something that will last for as long as you have to work in the construction industry. After all, that industry is still growing and presents itself with opportunities that are worth trying.

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