What is Concrete Grinding

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For the artificially produced stone, cement is usually used as a binding agent. The aggregate usually consists of gravel and sand. The age of concrete is generally associated with modern 20th-century architecture. What many do not know: The artificial stone concrete is much older. The Romans developed the “opus cementitious” around 2,000 years ago and used it to erect numerous structures, some of which have been preserved to this day. The ancient building material already had a similar composition to the concrete of our day.


Grinding concrete

Concrete is an extremely durable and hard-wearing floor covering. However, in industrial halls, heavy equipment, forklifts, or chemicals often mean that the concrete no longer looks so beautiful, becomes porous, and can no longer be cleaned. Then you have to decide whether to coat the industrial floor or have it sanded and polished. Ground and the polished concrete floor has many advantages over industrial coatings:


Grinding is possible in certain areas and is possible without interrupting production.

Concrete is harder than coatings, but it can also be hardened chemically.

Concrete is a natural product.

Concrete is breathable

The slip resistance is good even with a high gloss.

Concrete preparation is cheaper than the coating.

Polished concrete is easier to maintain than coatings.


We grind concrete with diamond tools of various grain sizes. The damaged layer is removed during rough sanding. Then the concrete is polished with a more proper diamond tool. Polishing to a mirror finish is possible. Our grinding machines are connected to beneficial extraction systems, which allows us to work with very little, almost no dust. You can grind in areas so that operations in the hall are not interrupted. The SuperConkrete concrete grinding system, developed by Klindex, can be used for any cement-based concrete floor. This system can also be used to remodel old, broken, porous, and stained concrete surfaces. These concrete surfaces are transformed into sanded concrete. This is particularly resistant to dirt and can be cleaned easily.

There are three options for the appearance of the concrete grinding Melbourne. Depending on the importance of the formation, the surface can be matt, glossy, or marbled. In all three cases, a concrete coating can be used, which gives the entire surface color, simple or complex patterns, or provides for logos. The result of all three versions is a sanded concrete floor that has been strengthened by chemicals and sanding.

Maintain. These concrete surfaces, strengthened by grinding, make it possible that they can also be used by heavy vehicles. The hygienic conditions of the rooms treated with SuperConkrete technology are also considerably improved.

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